Information for speakers

Thanks for agreeing to speak to our Cascade Club of Tacoma.

We are a group of business and professional men with interests in community issues, activities and local resources.

Our membership is about 70 with 20 – 30 attending most weeks.

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our usual meeting schedule.

Our group, being resourceful and persistent, adapted to our environment and we  continued with our Tuesday noon meetings but we migrated to the digital format of ZOOM where we continued to meet from March 2020 for the next 15 months.  Our lunches were self prepared in our homes.

Now that we have “subdued” the pandemic we are returning to the Tacoma Country and Golf Club weekly at noon on Tuesdays in 2022, in person, from September through May.  We are planning to continue a hybrid meeting format with both in person as well as zoom digital format for those members who would rather not risk the in person contacts or have other issues which prevent them from attending in person.

Speakers in person at the TC&GC typically start at 12 noon and speak for approximately 30 minutes then we have time for Q&A. Lunch follows.

If you have a computer presentation we provide a screen & projector.  We can provide a laptop computer for a power point presentation from a “thumb drive”, “memory stick” etc.

The location of our meeting site is below or click on the map for a full google map.


The history of the club is also available on this website.

If you have any questions please contact our President & Program Chairman

Michael Jones
cell:    (253) 229-0010