MINUTES OF MEETING OF September 19, 2023

Dick Muri opened the meeting and introduced Connie Hebe. She is the Deputy Director of Public Services for the Pierce County Library System. She gave an interesting overview of the Pierce County Library System, the focuses of which are “learning, enjoyment, and community.” She pointed out that, “Public libraries have endured for centuries to provide free access to information to protect the right to think, to exchange ideas.” On their website, https://mypcls.org/about-us/, that the system provides a variety of services at 19 locations in Pierce County and online.

Expanded the focuses accomplish the following:


  • Supports growth and curiosity.
  • Prepares preschoolers to learn.
  • Promotes school and career success.
  • Strengthens skills and knowledge.
  • Enjoyment:
    • Helps people enjoy their free time.
    • Inspires imagination.
    • Fosters love of reading.
    • Creates opportunities to discover.
    • Connects and strengthens communities.
    • Brings people together.
    • Activates communities with welcoming buildings and online spaces.
    • Connects people with information and community resources.

Connie described that
• They serve people where they are through “pop up” libraries.
• That the System has lots of partners. For instance, it continues to offer COVID test kits at libraries through partnership with the Pierce County Health Department.

She showed plans for the interim “brick and mortar” Lakewood Library to be located on the intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive SW and Alfaretta Street SW for which construction is underway.

There was a discussion of what was to happen with the site of the old Lakewood library building which is to be demolished.
Property taxes fund the Pierce County Library System. The Pierce County Library Foundation helps with funding. Efforts are underway to develop a strategic plan for the System in 2024.


Our new president for this coming year, Dr. Mike, expects to be back with Vim, Vigor & Vitality for this next meeting on September 26. The speakers next week are Coach Alyson Morse and Alan Anderson who ride heard on the Gig Harbor Canoe & Kayak Team.

Please join us in-person at the TC&GC but if you are not able then join us on ZOOM.

If anyone needs help, instruction or training on the ZOOM connection process I would be glad to lead them down the garden path to becoming a ZOOM comfortable user. You all know that as technology advances it doesn’t go away, or even backwards, but continues to require us to meet its updated capabilities. Let me know if I can help. JohnMc jhmcg3@gmail.com

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED, Chuck Foster, Club Secretary, sitting in for Scribe Phil Sloan who, currently, is being messed around with in India but threatens to return in the not too distant future.

Laura says Tagro is free if you pick up and load it unbagged.
They charge to deliver it or if you buy by the bag.



Laura says Tagro is free if you pick up and load it unbagged.
They charge to deliver it or if you buy by the bag.